11 Simple Business Idea Entrepreneurship You Can Start Today

11 Simple Business Idea Entrepreneurship You Can Start Today

For budding entrepreneurs, it can be difficult to come up with the right business idea. You want something that is unique, but also has the potential to be successful. Luckily, there are a few simple business ideas you can start today. With a little hard work and dedication, you can turn your dream into a reality. Keep reading to learn more.


Handymen provide an essential service for homeowners. Handymen have the skills and knowledge to tackle even the toughest home maintenance and repair jobs, from plumbing and electrical work to carpentry. Handyman services can save you time and money by fixing or assembling items around your home, saving you the cost of calling in a professional contractor. Handymen are able to adapt solutions to suit any project, large or small. Whether you need help with simple but important tasks like replacing light bulbs or more complex repairs, talent of a Handyman will not only get it done quickly but professionally as well.


Woodworking is a difficult craft that takes a lot of dedication to become proficient in. Woodworkers start off with basic tools like a saw, hammer, and chisel, but as they gain experience they add more complex tools to their toolkits such as routers and planers. Woodworker’s techniques also evolve over time, starting off with simple strategies like dovetailing and tongue-and-groove joinery to more advanced techniques like marquetry and veneering. Woodworkers spend countless hours perfecting their creation ensuring the highest quality product for their customers or clients. Woodworking requires patience and perseverance because it can take some trial-and-error before the end result is ready. Woodworkers must be creative problem solvers when unexpected issues may arise during projects. Woodcraft continues to be an integral part of many cultures around the world and it remains an important way that artisans can express themselves while honing their craftsmanship skillset.

Online Dating Consultant

Online dating can be incredibly intimidating and difficult to navigate, which is why more people are turning to Online Dating Consultants. Online Dating Consultants provide an invaluable service by helping clients cultivate a confident online presence and feel comfortable dating in the modern age. Through personalized coaching you’ll learn how to craft engaging messages, create an attractive profile and make meaningful connections with those that you would like to meet. Online Dating Consultants have the experience needed to ensure that matches have the best chance of developing into something more long-lasting. Whether seeking casual dates or a lasting connection, Online Dating Consultants help make your digital journey one with greater self assurance and tangible results.

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Sewing and Alteration Specialist

Sewing and Alteration Specialists have an important role to play in the fashion industry. This career path involves a skillful mastering of textiles, fabrics, and clothing construction methods. Sewing and alteration specialists are able to utilize sewing machines and hand sewing techniques to create one-of-a-kind garments or alterations that meet the client’s desired specifications. Sewing and alteration specialists can be self-employed, work as part of a team at a large scale business, or specialize in tailor-made designs for customers. Sewing and alteration specialists need a video game level of concentration when focusing on detailed projects so their results come out looking perfect every time. The ability to take the initiative with independent projects is also necessary for this kind of job, ensuring that all pieces are finished in a timely manner according to quality standards.

Freelance Developer

Freelance Developers are versatile web-developers who work independently to create custom projects and websites for clients. Freelancing gives developers the flexibility to choose when, where, and how much they want to work. Freelance Developers often specialize in specific areas such as web design, coding, marketing, eCommerce, or consulting. Freelancers must be self-motivated and able to stay on top of current trends and technologies in order to create the best solutions for their clients. Therefore, Freelance Developers must possess excellent communication skills and have an eye for detail when it comes to writing code that works efficiently and provides an optimum user experience. If you’re looking for a creative and experienced Freelance Developer to help complete your next project, a simple online search can help you quickly find a suitable candidate.

Personal Trainer

Personal trainers can be found working at gyms or fitness centers, but they may also work independently. Personal trainers typically have experience and training in exercise and nutrition, which they use to help their clients reach their fitness goals. In some cases, personal trainers may also provide other health and wellness services, such as physical therapy or massage.

Freelance Graphic Designer

Freelancing as a Graphic Designer is an excellent way to make a living doing something you love. Freelance Graphic Designers have the freedom to choose their own projects and clients, allowing them to focus on creative pursuits that are meaningful to them. Freelancers can also customize their schedules, giving them the ability to work from home or in other remote locations. Freelance Graphic Designers use a variety of tools, from Adobe software such as Photoshop and Illustrator to animation programs like After Effects and Cinema 4D. Freelance Graphic Designers will often specialize in web design, logo design, branding development or motion graphics for TV commercials and advertising spots. Whether you’re looking for creative fulfillment or financial gain, Freelance Graphic Designing is a career option worth considering.

Life/ Career Coach

Life and career coaches offer a unique support system as people navigate life milestones. Life coaches provide guidance in areas such as personal development and growth, dealing with difficult relationships and transitioning to a new job or lifestyle. Career coaches, on the other hand, focus their energy on helping individuals map out a career plan that encompasses providing professional guidance. This can include choosing a career path or how to break into a competitive field. Life and career coaches often work together to produce results that are beneficial for their clients, allowing them to make more informed decisions about their futures.

Resume Writer

Resume writers are among some of the most important professionals when it comes to applying for a job. These experts create resumes that provide employers with the necessary information they need to make the right hiring decisions. Resume writers know what to highlight, how to properly format documents, and which words to use in order to put job seekers in their best light. With their help, you can be certain that your resume will stand out from the pack.

Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is an ideal job for anyone who has excellent communication and research skills. Freelancers are self-employed and can find a wide variety of work, from writing web articles to creating eBooks for individuals and companies. Freelance writers also get to create their own schedule and decide how many projects they want to take on at a time. Freelancing gives ease of communication due to the frequently used online tools that enable the freelancer and contractor to exchange notes, drafts, changes; benefiting both parties in an efficient manner. With dedication and hard work, freelance writing can surely be rewarding.


Landscapers transform outdoor spaces into beautiful and functional areas. Landscapers usually start by understanding their clients’ needs, then developing plans to bring those plans to life. This includes things like deciding what types of plants should be included, choosing colors for hardscapes, and more. Landscapers also need to be familiar with local environmental conditions so that they can make sure the landscaping will be able to withstand whatever weather events come its way. Finally, an experienced landscaper will have the skills needed to complete an assortment of tasks including masonry, carpentry, irrigation installation, and pruning. Landscaping provides homeowners a way to bring their visions for outdoor spaces into reality.

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There are so many great opportunities for those looking to start their own freelance business and become an entrepreneur. Whether it’s taking on handyman tasks, working as a woodworker, helping people tackle online dating, becoming a sewing and alteration specialist, developing software, trainer others with your physical fitness knowledge, creating graphic designs for the web or print industry, inspiring individuals with life coaching expertise and resume writing talents, putting pen to paper and sharing your written ideas, or even landscaping outdoor spaces – the possibilities are truly endless. With determination and a strong commitment to success, you can create a prosperous life while also providing valuable services in your free time. Pursue what calls out to you and find joy in carving out your own path as an independent freelancer!

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