Best Cloud-Based Supply Chain Software: A Comprehensive Review

Best Cloud-Based Supply Chain Software: A Comprehensive Review

As an entrepreneur, you know that efficient inventory management is essential for the long-term success of your business. Having the right supply chain software in place can help streamline the various processes involved in viable and effective inventory control – from storage to transportation and delivery – saving you time and money. With cloud-based technology at our fingertips today, it has become easier than ever before to manage your stock remotely using software solutions tailored to suit advanced supply chain needs. In this blog post, we are going to review some of the best cloud-based software on offer so that you can determine which one is right for your company’s specific requirements.

NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an innovative solution to the challenges businesses face in managing their complicated and ever-growing data systems. It delivers a comprehensive, unified suite of applications that streamline processes and provide real-time visibility across financials, sales, inventory, and operations – creating a bridge between accounting software, CRM, and eCommerce tools. As such, it allows both small businesses and enterprises alike the specific insights needed to accurately forecast future business decisions and manage their business activities more efficiently. Moreover, users can connect with partners around the world by leveraging NetSuite’s integrated global Financial Planning platform. With all this functionality at their fingertips, businesses of all sizes can now stay ahead of the curve as they expand into new markets. is a productivity platform designed to streamline project management and communication between teams of all sizes. It fosters collaboration, with features such as automation tools, activity feeds, and real-time data tracking to track everyone’s progress down to the minute details. With its simple and intuitive interface, users can easily catch up on the latest updates for their projects and keep an eye on what other team members are up to. provides an effective way of organizing tasks and simplifying collaboration processes, making sure that team members are always in sync and able to stay ahead of any potential roadblocks.


ShipBob is a robust delivery management platform that provides businesses with reliable, efficient, and cost-effective shipping solutions. They streamline the entire order fulfillment process by integrating seamlessly with eCommerce stores and providing flexible warehousing. By offering one-day ground shipping on orders that leave their warehouses, plus real-time inventory management and customer service support, ShipBob has quickly become a go-to solution for many businesses looking to optimize fulfillment times. With ShipBob’s industry-leading technology, businesses can easily save money and maximize efficiencies which in turn leads to customer satisfaction. It’s no wonder why ShipBob has been recognized as the leading logistics platform for eCommerce stores worldwide!

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GEP NEXXE is an innovative digital platform that offers a revolutionary approach to enterprise spending management. Built with user-centricity and fluidity at the core, GEP NEXXE marries the sophistication of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence with the ease of cloud-native apps and mobile-first design. By bringing procurement processes into the digital era, GEP NEXXE helps deliver greater supply chain visibility, optimal financial decisions, and improved compliance—leading to cost savings, agility, and overall efficiency in modern business operations. It also affords businesses a deep understanding of their global procurement landscape so they can realize true benefits from their supplier networks. In sum, GEP NEXXE supplies organizations with more empowered control over their enterprise-wide purchasing strategies.


Katana Supply Chain Software is a comprehensive platform that helps businesses streamline their entire supply chain operations. From order tracking and inventory management to optimization of warehouse operations, Katana has everything you need to effectively manage your various business processes. With real-time data reports, automated alerts, and proactive notifications, it ensures you have complete visibility into every step of the process. Additionally, it includes powerful tools for forecasting demand and simulating scenarios to identify potential issues before they occur. All these features make Katana the ideal choice for businesses looking to take control of their supply chains.


Cova Supply Chain Software is a comprehensive solution designed to simplify and optimize the distribution of goods and services. With this software, businesses can coordinate real-time supply chain operations, process orders quickly and accurately, and deliver goods and services on time. Advanced features include asset tracking, order processing, inventory management, route optimization, cost analysis, data visualization tools, and more. Regardless of whether you’re in retail or wholesale products or manufacturing, Cova Supply Chain Software helps streamline the end-to-end operation from supplier to customer with full visibility and accuracy. Its integrated analytics allow for better decision-making by providing key insights into performance indicators that measure overall effectiveness from supply to demand. Plus it intuitive user interface ensures smooth insight into production status and processes. Put simply, it’s a powerful choice for companies looking for an easy way to control every aspect of their supply chain operations.

Ruby Has Fulfillment

Ruby Has Fulfillment is a powerful supply chain software solution for businesses needing to streamline their inventory management and fulfillment processes. Perfect for multi-channel operations, the cloud-based platform provides robust features such as integration with e-commerce platforms, real-time order tracking, scheduling of shipments and deliveries, barcode scanning capabilities, and automatic tracking of inventory levels. Through its easy-to-use user interface, customers are empowered to implement a system that increases efficiency and productivity within their supply chain operations, reducing costs and eliminating untimely delays in order fulfillment. With all this in mind, it’s no wonder that Ruby Has Fulfillment remains one of the most popular software solutions on the market today.

Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory provides an efficient and streamlined solution for businesses that need to manage their supply chain more effectively. This inventory management software assists users with tracking stock levels, managing orders, creating invoices, and adjusting prices – all from one user-friendly platform. It also automates multiple processes within a business such as order approval flows, in-store order pickup processing, shipment tracking, and product restocking notifications. Advanced features are available for companies of any size looking to get the most out of their supply chain process. Businesses can benefit from increased visibility and control of their stock levels which translates into enhanced supply chain management efficiency and cost savings. With Zoho Inventory’s various capabilities, businesses can improve the accuracy and effectiveness of their whole supply chain operations – allowing them to focus on growing their business instead.

In conclusion, it is evident that in business today, software technology plays a huge role in carrying out operations and day-to-day activities more efficiently. With the above mentioned list of software providers, businesses of all kinds can access the right suite of tools so they can be competitive in their respective markets. NetSuite ERP offers comprehensive solutions to large enterprises while is great for task management teams with massive projects and Zoho Inventory helps you keep track of stock levels automatically. Moreover, GEF NEXXE offers numerous products to help innovate business processes and Ruby Has Fulfillment makes order fulfillment and shipping great for companies running on tight budgets. Lastly, Cova helps maximize efficiency in financial processes and Katana is a fantastic solution for planners who are looking to streamline fabrication operations within their manufacturing enterprise. Hence, as we have seen, there are plenty of options out there when searching for an efficient software solution to use within your organization.

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