Step-by-Step Guide: How to Change WordPress Font for Beginners

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Change WordPress Font for Beginners

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Change WordPress Font for Beginners. Today’s topic is how to change the font color in WordPress (on your blog). When you’re a novice blogger, it can be difficult to figure out things like how to alter the font color (or font size) for various text elements on your WordPress blog. The good news is that, while changing font color was once difficult to work out on your own, it has thankfully become much easier to do in 2023 thanks to how far WordPress has come in recent years. To be sure, there are three ways to alter the font color in WordPress, and I’ll teach you how to accomplish each in this fast article. Now, let’s go over the three areas and methods for changing font color in WordPress without jeopardizing your SEO best practices or compromising text readability.

1. Changing the Color of the Site-Wide Font in Theme Settings

Assume you wish to alter the font color on your entire site from jet black to a dark grey…

Controlling the visual arrangement of your blog material like this may be done in just a few clicks from within your theme options if you’re using one of the many finest WordPress themes on the market today. First, check to see if your WordPress theme allows you to alter the font color throughout the entire site.

Go to: Appearance -> Theme Options

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When you’re in theme options, check for menu items that propose customizing your blog’s visual appearance. The terms “styling” and “typography” are good places to start. Inside my WordPress theme, OptimizePress, the font color settings may be adjusted with a few clicks:

If you want to change the font color for all site-wide text, doing it this way—directly within your WordPress theme options—is by far the best, safest, and most SEO-friendly method to do it.

If your theme is decent, you should be able to alter the font color for certain elements such as:

  • Colors of links (regular, hover state, active, already clicked)
  • Colors of buttons (background, hover state, default colors)
  • Colors of menu links (regular, hover state, active)

Remember that when you alter the site-wide font colors for elements like this in your theme settings, you’re making a change that will be immediately visible across all the pages and posts on your blog where these elements reside.

2. Changing the Font Color in Posts Using the Classic Editor (or Gutenberg)

If you’re working on a single blog post in the Classic (or Gutenberg) WordPress editor and want to alter the font color of a specific text element, it’s incredibly simple.

1. Highlight the text you wish to change the color of with your cursor.

After you’ve highlighted the text, navigate up to the “Text color” setting in your editor menu.

2. Change the font colors using the “Text color” setting.

Once here, simply choose the color you want your highlighted text to be and… voila! If you wish to alter your font color to something other than the typical 48 selections in the fast “Text color” dropdown menu, you can do so as well.

3. Using a Page Builder to Change the Font Color in WordPress Pages

The final option to change font color in WordPress is at the page level… by utilizing the visual page builder that you have setup (like Elementor or OptimizePress). Here’s what it looks like in OptimizePress when you navigate to a page of your blog where you wish to alter the font color: You’ll most likely have a somewhat different view than what you see here (above) on my OptimizePress page editor, depending on how your page builder is structured.

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Finally, here are three methods for changing the font color in WordPress

Changing the font color in WordPress has thankfully become a rather simple task in recent years.

Whether you want to change your site’s font color settings, the colors of certain words in your Posts editor, or utilize your page builder to change the color of a heading on a crucial Page of your blog, there’s a reasonably simple way to do it.

If it isn’t immediately evident… To find your font color options, you may simply need to put on your problem-solving cap and start looking around, clicking on things, and trying.

If your WordPress theme doesn’t include a superb visual page builder like the two I’ve described above, I highly recommend downloading the free version of Elementor right here to start designing your blog’s pages in a super simple visual page builder.


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